Kila Kitu

Kila Kitu is a brand I founded as part of my 2015 Thesis for my BFA in Illustration. Kila Kitu itself means “everything” which was an intentional choice to leave the brand open ended for a variety of products.

This brand is highly influenced by the culture and lifestyle in East Africa but brings a modern twist to the aspect of African Surface Design. The designs featured on this site are based on photo reference from Tanzania, East Africa. Each design is based on unique aspects of the Tanzanian culture including tribal weapons and traditional masks as well as animals that are unique to the region.

Some of the areas in Tanzania that this work is based on are the Serengeti National park, both Central and Northern near the Grumetti river and Lake victoria, Maasai -boma in the Ngoro Ngoro Province, Arusha, and Dar-es-Salaam.