My name is Irene Rofail. I am a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, with a BFA degree in Illustration in May 2015. My situation is slightly different as i am a very multi-cultured woman. I was born in Egypt and grew up in East Africa spending 19 years in Dar-es-salaam,Tanzania. My family is Greek/ Sudanese, and i speak several languages due to living abroad. 
I completed High school at the International School of Tanganyika getting my IB diploma in spring of 2010. From there I went on to study at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, located in down town Athens, Greece. I attended there for a year, but due to the economic crisis and all of the riots i could not complete my education there and that is where my journey led me to Ringling College of Art and Design.
This website is a compilation of work of mine over my four years at Ringling, as well as some of my branding work and experiences, i hope you enjoy it!




The Photo Credit belongs to Ferenc Beleznay for the lovely portrait in my About page! Check out his website at www.belez.photo